Thursday, June 4, 2009

uhaul hitches, Debeen Espresso shop

"No man knows how bad he is till he has tried very hard to be good." CS Lewis

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to write these blogs...any input from you all would be welcome. I just want to help people save money, something I am passionate about doing. Please feel free to leave comments that will help us all save...

This morning I met some friends to give up the key to our Maine cabin...they won it in a fundraiser auction for our school. We decided to meet at DeBeen Espresso on the corner of Lexington and Westchester in High Point. This is really the best AND most reasonably priced coffee shop in town. You can get a small regular coffee for $1.55 and refill it as much as you want while you are there. You can also come back during the day and refill for 25 cents. Take that, Starbucks!!!! It's good coffee too. Then there's this cool little gift shop connected to the "sitting" area. You'll love it!! Eclectic ambiance and all.

So then, I have to get a hitch put on my van and I call the Honda dealer...over $700.00 all told, he tells me. SAME service at UHaul? $268.00 for hitch, wiring, ball, labor and lifetime warrantee. Amazing!! Check UHaul first!
I also listed some tube feeding I had (left over from when Abby was using it) for free on Craig's List. I had a taker within 20 minutes. (this is the same tube feeding I was charged $240.00 for...see yesterday's blog)

breakfast: sausage links, eggs, toast ($2.50)
lunch: tomato soup, grilled ham and cheese ($3.50)
dinner: beef (actually free venison)stroganoff on noodles, broccoli ($2.00)
Coming up: Free scoop of ice cream at Friendly's restaurant on Saturday June 6 from 12-5
Free donut day at Krispy Kreme on 6/5, no purchase required
Free donut with drink purchase at Dunkin Donuts 6/5
Double coupons to $2 at Kmart June 7-13, some sources say limit of 10, others 75
Carolina Thrift 50% off most items Monday 6/8

Money out: $268 (uhaul)
Money in: $0


  1. If you haven't gotten you hitch yet....
    Try a price at DMS Truck Outfitters. It's on High Point Rd. near Hilltop/Groometown intersection. They quoted me $248.00 for my large SUV.

  2. Thanks...wish I knew that before, but that's the point of the blog...let's help each other out!!!

  3. LOVE Debeens, used to hang out there some in my "prodigal days"...

    I really enjoy reading your blog! :) Hope you and the family have a blessed day!!