Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ebay and vacations

"You ask and have not, because you ask for the wrong reasons."
Yes, I sell and buy on ebay...although lately, as with everything else, the cost to do so is getting greater. Still, I can usually make more money on ebay than I can at a yard sale. I recently sold 4 items, and after ebay and paypal fees, I made around $90.00. Chances are, if you are looking for something, you will be able to find it on ebay. When Abby was needing cans of tube feeding, the home care company charged $120.00 for a 24 can flat. I bought them on ebay, shipping included, for $12.00 a flat. WOW!

The back braces my kids needed cost our insurance company $545.00 each. The exact same brace, new on an ebay store, was $70.00. Of course, with the braces, I couldn't shop around because they cut off the cast and put the brace on. And yes, I will try to sell the used ones on ebay, though I doubt I'll be successful.

We leave tomorrow to go to Maine. I always clean the house before I leave. Sometimes I wonder if that's smart. We are going to Montreal and Quebec City before we hit Maine and I'm really excited about that part of it. This picture was taken in Quebec City last summer. Very quaint. Is there anyone who LIKES packing. Ugh. But I must go now and do the dreaded work. I'll let you know how the free hotels pan out.

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