Monday, September 12, 2011

Unsettled...but thankful for the free stuff!

I have that unsettled feeling I get sometimes....don't like it, not one little bit...but I've learned (scratch learning) that feelings are just feelings and I can choose what to do with them. Sooooo, I talked with my big sis, purveyor of sanity and sage advise, had a great time in the good book, prayed for wisdom (that's a constant) and now I'm dusting off my lazy self and my living room furniture, hanging my sheets on the line, going for a 3 mile run, returning a movie to the library, making dinner for my 90-year-old cousin who got his hands mauled by a dog he was trying to adopt, and then I'll pick up my boys, and go in to work for a 12 hour night shift thankful for a job as my hospital just cut 63 positions!

God is good...all the time! Here are some great freebies for you:

Free Kleenex cool touch sample:

Free sample of Biker Bull leather therapy restorer:

Free sample of Crest white strips:

Facebook sample of Purina ONE catfood:

Do you live near a World Market? Sign up for their "Explorer rewards and get freebies on your birthday and free coffee!!

Thanks for keeping up the votes!

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  1. That is definitely a lesson to learn, to just give it all to God. I am still learning as I get older to keep life as simple as possible. Also, I'm so sorry to have read about your cousin - sending prayers to keep you and your family strong always!
    Thanks for the coupons - this was a great touch to a nice blog.
    You are welcome to visit my new frugal blog @
    Hope to see you there - God bless!