Saturday, September 3, 2011

Free book and more & Couchsurfing (not as bad as it sounds!)

Isaiah 53 Explained
As I mentioned in an earlier post, there seems to be quite a lull in the freebie world lately, but here are a few for you to pick up:

Here's another opportunity to get a free book: I think the title pretty much gives it away!

Free sample of Huggies diapers from Sam's Club, no membership # needed:

Free sample of Rachel Ray's dogfood:

Also, I generally don't promote too many sweepstakes, but for my readers who are in range of Irving heating fuel/propane, here's a chance to win a year's supply, and with costs going up, I would LOVE to see one of you win! One entry per household.

Here's an interesting website for the true cheapskates amongst us.  Basically, this is a site for folks who don't mind the old-fashioned way of seeing new places--staying in other people's homes! Personally, I like this way best. There's no better way to get to know a new place than to stay with the locals! There are lots of safety nets in place on the site, and it's a worldwide network which has been highlighted on CNN, Time and The New York Times. I have not personally signed up YET, but I can see my husband and I doing this is the future. I may also sign up to be a host for now. Speaking of host...we do love to have people stay in our home, and I welcome any of my readers to do just that! Just give me at least a days notice:) We also love to stay with other families. We have found, having 4 kids ourselves, that generally speaking, the larger the family, the more apt they are to let you stay with them! I guess that's because we lots-o-kids families know that it doesn't have to be stressful and our kids don't mind camping on the floor in a sleeping bag. So, if you're up for an adventure, check it out!

Now, on to my last item of the day. Those of you who follow me on facebook may have noticed that I am currently competing in another challange; this time the prize is getting paid to blog! I would love this opportunity, but I'm also very realistic. I enter contests often, but if and when it becomes apparent that I can't win, I don't push it, I bow out graciously. (This happened with the school computer lab contest, by the way). That being said, this voting period goes on for 3 MONTHS!! Crazy. After the first 2 months, the top 5 contestants from each state will compete for first in each state for another month and then those top 50 compete in a "find the best deal" challenge. If my blog has meant something to you personally or helped you in some way, I'd appreciate your vote...and you can do so DAILY. Right now I am 6th in NC and 99 overall (out of 1995 contestants) but anyone can still sign up. SOOOOOO, if after a few weeks it appears pointless, you'll not read about it again! here: (should just be two clicks!)


  1. Trish! I just voted for you, Ill try to remember to do it daily, although I have a hard time even remembering to eat breakfast daily! ;) Good luck and I love the name of the blog, I started a new blog after all you finished. I find it so cathartic. Im a subscriber, I love to see what you're up to!

  2. I voted for you! Paid to blog - sounds perfect for you. I'll try to remember to vote daily, but reminders would help (hint, hint). Good luck!