Thursday, September 22, 2011

grateful for a day of saving...follow freebies

Thankful and Thrifty.

"In everything....with thanksgiving.....make your requests known to God."

It's been a day of trying on this gratefulness-in-all-things: Follow me...that's the easiest way that I know how to teach you this frugal life....

~Grateful when the frig was leaking and I stepped in the puddle and got my sock wet (because I have a frig and it's not dead yet!)
~Grateful for the same reason when the dishwasher had the same problem.
~Grateful when my computer keeps freezing (I can walk to the library, after all...)
~Grateful that I had sense enough to return a new stovetop that I bought for half off over Labor Day weekend (I'm sure I can do better than 50% off, and that was $650 back on the credit card, which more than makes up for the days I'm not working this week!)
~Grateful for coupons for a FREE pumpkin latte at Dunkin Donuts and a FREE spicy chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a. Yummm. Free lunch!
~Grateful that Plato's Closet gave me $7.20 for one of Abby's sweaters (she'll get the $:)...even if they turned away 10 other items.
~Grateful that I'm making headway in the "clean out the clutter" vow I took for fall. (see above)
~Grateful for 5 hungry men who'll be coming home soon, bellies all a grumble, covered in mud, full of bravado. Taco Casserole and salad coming right up!
~Grateful for the opportunity to bless others this week. (Have you done a good deed yet? It'll bless you, I promise!!)
~Grateful that I "spent 15 minutes on Geico" (and several other sites). It appears that I really will save us $500 or more on car/home insurance!
~Grateful that I went into Ollies today (for those who don't know what this is, think Big Lots). I spent about $15 on food and another $65 on Christmas gifts...a great start on the season!!
~Grateful for $124 worth of totally free-after-rewards items from Office Depot! Do you need to stock up on paper (to print free coupons) and batteries? Who doesn't? Be sure to print the $20 off $100 coupon first. Here's the link:
Free sample of Tom's of Maine new strawberry toothpaste for kids:

~Grateful for all of you keeping me in first place in NC...nice! Thanks so much:

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