Monday, September 26, 2011

Free Hat and Free Brita Water Pitcher...because you are awesome!

My computer has been acting possessed lately, hence the lack of blogging....but I needed a break anyway. Have you been getting freebies in your box? In the last week I've received Poise samples (these can be used as regular pads, by the way), Dove body spray, Bobbi Brown lip gloss, a coupon for free Zyrtec, John Frieda hair samples and several magazines! I just love getting free stuff, somehow it makes the bills a little more tolerable.

I have been diligently working at cleaning out some clutter from my home.  Last week I donated several bags of goods to the National Kidney Foundation; they do regular pick ups in the area. I also sold a sweater to Plato's closet, took 10 used ink cartridges in to Staples (will get a $20 rewards credit for that), andwent through all the closets looking for shoes for my shoe drive next month (more later.) This week my goal is to list 20 items on ebay and/or Craig's list. One little step at a time.

Here are a few great deals for you:

You are's a hat to prove it!

Allure is having free giveaways to the first 10,000 every day at 12 noon this week. Check out all the details here:

If you live near Walgreens and have been wanting to make the switch to filtered water without much cost, here is a chance to get a free Brita water pitcher! I've been using mine for 10 years now. Read the details at a another wonderful site:

Thanks to those of you who have been voting for me daily. I truly hope that I can return the favor one day!

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