Friday, September 23, 2011

Pondering money...Free $10 from Ted Nugent's Sportsman Guide


At first glance, it would appear that the Bible is full of contradictions when it comes to money. On the one hand, Jesus tells his disciples to give up all they own to follow Him, not taking as much a two sets of clothes on their journey. No planning ahead; you will be cared for he promises--consider the sparrow (yes, Keith Ham, I still think of you when I read that), don't I care for them? So I will take care of you too. But then we are told to consider also the ant, who works industriously and stores up food for hard times. Or what of the rich man, who comes to Jesus and asks what he must do to get to heaven. Jesus tells him to sell all he has, and the rich man goes away sad. Harder it will be for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven, Jesus says. But wait...then he tells the parable about the this case money. One man is given five (I remember reading somewhere that this was well over 200 grand in today's dollars), one man two and one man only one. The men given the most double their money and are commended, the one with the least buries his in fear and has even that taken away and given to the richest man. The widow's mite,we are told, is more valuable to the Kingdom than all the money of the Pharisees, giving thousands and blowing trumpets to announce it. So what is the key? Two things, I think: the heart and the context. Jesus, God/Man, always knows our heart. He knows if He is more important than our "stuff." He knows when we are trusting and when we are worrying. He knew those first disciples had a job to do, and fast. He also knows it is prudent to plan ahead. What are we to do? Plan. Invest. Save. Give. Help. Worry less. Yes, all of them. Will he call you, like George Mueller or Mother Teresa to give up worldly goods to follow Him? Possibly. Does He want you to use your talents to make a lot of money and fund the next George Mueller? Maybe. One thing is for sure, He wants to be first in our lives and that will look a little different for each of us. I'm trying really hard to listen when He speaks, because, you know, He knows my heart better than I know it myself.


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