Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Of Dahlias and Potted Herbs; Lots of weekend freebies!

I did it! I read half of Ann Voscamp's book One Thousand Gifts. It is as wonderful as I knew it would be, and it is inspiring, after I got over being angry for really selfish reasons! As I suspected, the theme is gratitude. Giving thanks to God for ALL THINGS, but especially those things that we don't want to give thanks for. Stopping to give thanks, she says, forces us to live fully in the moment. She kept a list of one thousand things for which she was thankful, and it changed her perceptions of what was going on around her. This is a similar concept that was introduced to us in the 90s when Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote her bestseller Simple Abundance. She suggested keeping a gratitude journal (scrapbook) and filling it full of quotes and musings and magazine pictures that make us smile. Same idea, different author. (But I must say that Ann has a better grip on Who to thank....Sarah's god seemed a bit more ethereal than the living Christ!)

Thankful today?

Today I dug up some herbs that were left over in the garden next door when our neighbors moved. I didn't take them all! I left a good deal for whoever rents next. Here they are on my windowsill. We'll see how they fair:

I also stopped to admire all the beautiful flowers, and especially the dahlias, that my husband has planted and cares for meticulously. I'm thankful that he has a hobby that adds beauty to our home and doesn't just bust the budget:

And I'm ever thankful for the long growing season here in NC. Here is today's harvest. Not many more days for fresh tomatoes, I'm afraid!

I will be leading a group for like-minded frugal women at my church (Friendly Hills Church in Jamestown) starting sometime next month. I'm VERY excited about this opportunity!! We are having a free luncheon after church on Sunday inviting ladies to learn more about women's ministries at Friendly Hills, so be sure to stay after if you are interested. I'll post more details on the group as it all comes together.

My husband and I will also be hosting a showing of Chuck Colson's nationwide live simulcast, Doing the Right Thing. This will be held at Wesleyan Christian Academy in room 410, located at 1917 Centennial Street in High Point. Enter from the Eastchester side of the school across from the mall. It will be from 9-1:30 this Saturday, the 24th. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, but you need to email me at miketrishcliff@yahoo.com so we'll be sure to have enough food. There you go, 3 free meals in one weekend if you plan it right!!

Also, keep in mind that this Saturday is free museum day nationwide. Click here for a listing:

To honor our veterans, hundreds of inns and bed and breakfast around the country are offering a free nights stay on Veteran's Day, November 10/11th! What a great way to honor those who serve! Check out the link here: http://www.betterwaytostay.com/current-promotions/bbs-for-vets/

And yet one more freebie this Saturday and also Nov 11-13, over 100 National Parks will open their gates for free! Check out the details: http://www.nps.gov/findapark/feefreeparks.htm

Here's a link to a free subscription of Bass Player Magazine:

Thanks for voting! I am truly shocked at how well I am doing. I really didn't ever expect to make it this high up the scoreboard, and that is all your doing, whoever you are. Thank you so much! If nothing else, it's just a fun ride getting this far: http://www.cheapsally.com/profile/tricia-cliff/

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