Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You might be too cheap if....All You Day 11

So today we celebrated my youngest 13th b'day. It's actually on the 10th of July, but we are always in Maine and he wanted to have a party in NC with his buds. I was planning to try to do something this weekend, but then it dawned on me that our church was having their annual pool party tonight and we could just combine the two events...maybe I'm getting too loved it and Lee had a great time also. It was a bit challenging to keep in budget. I decided on Lil' Caesars, my new favorite (cheap) fast food. Large pepperoni pizzas, hot and ready all day for 5 bucks. Nice!  And we even have enough left over for lunch tomorrow:)

I will be updating daily on the All You Grocery Challenge, which runs June19- July16. The Challenge: spend only $25 per person per week or less ($150.00 for my crew) to feed your family, including eating out...but do so in a creative, healthy way. An * denotes our own garden food; (parentheses indicate healthy changes.) Winner gets $1000 and a write up in ALL YOU magazine! Please know that for grocery purchase totals, I round to the nearest dollar.

Day 11

Breakfast: I was at work, not sure what the kids had:)
Lunch: Cheese quesadillas, fruit, pretzels
Dinner: Lil' Caesers, home made birthday carrot cake, soda

Money out:

Lil Caesars: 5 large pizzas $27.00
CVS: four 2 liter Pepsi products (BOGO), 10# bag of ice-- after ECB coupons: $2.00

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