Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fix It !!, All You Day 4

We seem to have had quite a few things go "bad" as of late:

Computer: paid shop guy $60 and it froze the next day. Finally figured out that my antivirus had a virus...removed it, added Norton 360 for $26. Total out: $86.00

1991 Honda Accord: transmission switch, speedometer, oil change: Total out: $396.00 (but no new car payment!!!!)

15-year-old vaccum: Fix it man hubby says it's beyond repair. Trying to convince him that we can just use the ancient one that was in the house when we bought it. He wants a new one with better attachments. Cost: working on it

Washing Machine: repairs would have been $264. Did convince hubby to hook up the old Maytag that was left here. Repairmain says it was built to last and we can run over it with a tank. Small, but runs great. Cost: $85 service call.

I will be updating daily on the All You Grocery Challenge, which runs June19- July16. The Challenge: spend only $25 per person per week or less ($150.00 for my crew) to feed your family, including eating out...but do so in a creative, healthy way. An * denotes our own garden food; (parentheses indicate healthy changes.) Winner gets $1000 and a write up in ALL YOU magazine!

Day 4:

Off to my last 12 hour shift...woot!

Breakfast: cold cereal, milk, OJ
Lunch: cheese quesadillas, cukes*, lettuce*, OJ/water
Dinner: baked pasta with Italian sausage, steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (thanks, Debbie:), homemade rice pudding  (my comfort food), milk

Purchases: Harris Teeter Super Doubles (to $1.98, 20 coupon max): I'll detail later but spent $17.00 on food and saved about $40.


  1. Hi! Im in Cambridge and am also signed up for the challenge. For me, the heathy/wholesome meal part is hard! Good luck!

  2. Hi Isra (love that name!)Tricia here...I'm impressed that you are attempting it in Cambridge, that really is an expensive area to live. I'll be checking out your blog...great job so far!!