Thursday, June 23, 2011

What do you do with leftovers?? All You Day 5

I knew this would happen, and even when I know it's going to happen, it makes me feel old. I'm just whipped out when I work the three 12 hour nights in a row. 12 hour day shift isn't nearly as taxing. I don't sleep as well during the days as I did at one time. Anywho...I'm exhausted and will hit the bed soon.

I remember one time way back when I was engaged. We were visiting family and after dinner, the cook just threw all the leftovers (and lots of them) in the trash! I was shocked. I come from hearty Maine stock who waste nothing, especially food. I use leftovers for lots of things--meals at work, snacks, or a "buffet," which is what we had today. Tomorrow I will go grocery shopping, and as part of the All You Challenge here's the update:

I will be updating daily on the All You Grocery Challenge, which runs June19- July16. The Challenge: spend only $25 per person per week or less ($150.00 for my crew) to feed your family, including eating out...but do so in a creative, healthy way. An * denotes our own garden food; (parentheses indicate healthy changes.) Winner gets $1000 and a write up in ALL YOU magazine!

Day 5:
Breakfast: cereal, eggs, milk
Lunch: egg salad on (whole grain bread), cukes*, peppers, celery, tortilla chips, sugar free lemonade
Dinner: clean-out-the-fridge-day buffet: leftover pasta bake, fried taters with onions, cucumbers*, ice cream sandwiches and milk  (for the boys and I)

Mike and Abby left today for a college preview day at Grove City in PA. He just called; they arrived safely and are staying at the FREE (love those points!!) hotel with FREE breakfast. They will have to eat out for two meals and will also have to pay for lunch at the school, so I told him to keep all the receipts to add to my total.

Just so you can visually see that I am not one of those extreme hoarders, here are a few pics of my fridge and pantry. We do have a big freezer in the basement, but at this time, I am not using it. Here's the fridge, pathetically empty: only a half gallon of milk left--just enough for breakfast.

one side of the pantry: spices, baking stuff, cookbooks, condiments

cereal, pasta, canned goods, snacks, coffee/tea

freezer: bread, rolls, meat (chicken breasts, ground beef, ground turkey, hot dogs, pepperoni, small pack of steak), shredded cheese, butter, ice cream, about 8 bananas (time to make banana muffins!)

And time for me to go to bed!

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