Friday, June 17, 2011

All You grocery challenge and neighborhood cookout.

Tonight (in 1.5 hours), we are hosting a cookout for the neighbors. If everyone we invite shows up, we could have 40 or so, but from past experience, we have found that we generally have 25-30. We provide drinks, (12 packs of Pepsi on sale this week 3/$8.00 at Rite Aid),burgers, dogs, tater salad and baked beans. I also serve my all-time favorite summer dessert: ice cream sandwiches. Like my mom, I never cared too much about things being name-brand. Relationships are what it's all about...and we have great neighbors!! I always enjoy it...I hope they do also!

Tomorrow there is a new game afoot: I have signed up to join the ALL YOU (magazine) grocery challenge, which runs June 19 - July 16.  The winner gets $1000 grocery gift card. I really like All You magazine. It has tons of coupons and articles for real people. Basically, the "challenge" is to spend $25 per person for one week of groceries. For me, that adds up to $150.00 a week. Since I try to spend $100 for 7 during the school year (when we have an exchange student), I don't forsee this being a problem. The challenge will be cooking healthy meals for my blogging it will keep me focused. The second challenge will be my schedule. Next week I am working 4 (possibly 12 hour) nights in a row and I am always tired when I do this. The last week of the challenge, we will be travelling to Maine and having to buy my groceries up there.  BUT I can do this!!

Want to sign up yourself? Check out the link:

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