Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Two Unusual Ways I've Made Extra Money

Greetings from snowy Maine. I have been enjoying the winter months and a slower pace. We have been back in Maine seven months now, and I while I have not yet committed to a full time job, I have been trying to pull in some extra cash each month. I discovered a couple unconventional ways to make a buck, so I thought I would share them with you! 

I accidentally happened upon medical research studies while searching for locations where I could have a colonoscopy completed near my home. I found two different companies that were offering payment via gift cards to take part in research trials regarding colon cancer screening. I signed up for both of them. One entailed getting a blood draw, and for the other I had to send in a stool sample. For both, I needed to meet certain criteria (age, health history, etc) and I needed to have the colonoscopy already scheduled. Neither company actually pays for the colonoscopy itself, but my insurance covered this. 

The first is called "the colon screening study," and they sent me a kit about 2 weeks before the colonoscopy was scheduled. I had to collect and return a stool sample via Fed Ex overnight delivery, so I did have to make sure I could send it on a day that was guaranteed to get it there within 48 hours. They paid $50 when I returned the sample and another $150.00 after they got the results of the colonoscopy. There were dozens of choices for gift cards, which was really nice. Here is the link if you are interested. 

The second company is Science 37. They actually sent someone to my home to collect a blood sample about 2 weeks before the colonoscopy. The man who came was an EMT and was very professional and fast. No issues at all. I am still working with the surgeons office to get the results faxed, but I have no reason to believe I won't be paid. They are giving $250.00 in gift cards. Here is the link.

A second unconventional way I am making extra money is signing up for bank and credit card accounts that give you a bonus for opening an account. I have done this periodically in the past, but found this channel on youtube, which took it to a whole other level! (John, who creates these videos, is taking a little break, but I am hoping he returns soon.) In the last 10 months, I have made over $3000.00 signing up for different accounts. Most banks require you to do a direct deposit and some want you to complete a number of transactions and keep the account open for a certain period of time. Most can be completed online. Banks are always changing these bonuses, but you can always search "what banks have the best sign on bonuses" to see what is currently available. I opened accounts with both Chase and Citi. 

While I was living internationally, I focused on credit cards that gave good travel bonuses, but now that I am home, I am all about the cash! I recently signed up for the Capital One Quicksilver card, which gave a $200 cash bonus for a $500 spend (then I used my referral link to sign my husband up for the same card to get an extra $150!). I also signed up for the Chase Freedom Card, which also gave a $200 bonus for a $500 spend. Neither has an annual fee. Here are my referral links if you are interested:

I have also: collected bottles and cans along the roadside (these are returnable for money in Maine), completed several online surveys, done some mystery shops with this company, sold some items on facebook marketplace and ebay, and taught first aid and CPR classes as an instructor with the American Red Cross. 

I'd love to know what you do to make extra money.