Tuesday, March 4, 2014

For Hong Kong Coffee Lovers...

I recently received an email from Michael Vincent Mislos, the lead content writer of www.moneyhero.com.hk, which bills itself as Hong Kong's #1 Price Comparison Site. I have checked out the site, (though not in depth,) and found it to be informative. It compares pricing for banking, insurance, broadband, and credit cards--among other things. As my readers know, I do not advocate credit cards if you have a spending problem, so please do not think I have changed my mind on that as you read this guest post from Michael, and do not take this as blanket recommendation of all that is advertised on the site...do your research first!

Regardless, this should be a treat for any of my Hong Kong coffee loving friends. Let me know if you check out any of these shops...I plan to make at least one of them a Saturday date! Thanks for the post, Michael!

Best Places to Drink Coffee in Hong Kong 

Calling all coffee (and tea) aficionados in Hong Kong! If you've made it a goal to taste the best freshly brewed coffee in the city, consider this post a checklist of your cafes to visit. 

The Classified Café
Located in Sheung Wan, Classified Café was named as one of the Top 5 Restaurants for Cheese Lovers by Time Magazine. Of course, the artisan cheeses aren’t the only must-have in this place. This French café is famous also for their gourmet coffee, boutique wine, and if you visit their website—you’ll see the superb interiors for the perfect coffee drinking experience. Wine bottles on shelves, charming wood furniture, and artistic chandeliers—this is the perfect place to unwind with a date after a long tiring week. Other branches are found in Central, Tai Hang, Stanley, Sai Kung, Wan Chai, New World Tower, Horizon Plaza, and Happy Valley.

My My Café
Also found in Sheung Wan, this is the probably the smallest café in Hong Kong. It’s more of a “coffee shed” because of its extremely tiny space. Simply said, you visit this place for the awesome coffee and excellent 2-staff service, the bragging rights to say you’ve been to MMC, and get on your way. It’s a treat in itself to squeeze in the small but wonderful coffee shop because it’s heavily decorated on the inside. It’ll cost you only less than $40 in this café. They’re open from Mon-Wed (10:00-22:00), and Fri-Sun (11:30), and closed during Thursdays. To be sure, check their Facebook page first before you bop over for a visit.

Mana! Fast Slow Food
Searching for organic, glutten-free, and vegan food? Head over to Central for Mana! Start your order by getting some hummus and flatbread. Try their Mana Bliss or get a tofu burger. Finish your meal with a cup of tea for $35, or their organic coffee which is made from non-GMO soya milk and premium blended beans. Coffee price ranges are $20-$45. If you’re a vegetarian living in Hong Kong, this is the perfect place for you. They are open from 10am-10pm every day. Visit their site for more info.

The Coffee Academics
Found in either Causeway Bay or Wan Chai, this coffee shop is innovative in its ways to provide customers with the best coffee there is. If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, all the more reason to visit this place. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for café-addict pals, you even have the choice to create your own blend. Their “Notable Coffees” coffee could either be made via ice drip or hand brewed. Both of these are above the normal coffee price range, because each cup costs about $58-$98. Their espresso price range is from $24-$42. They also serve Infused Loose Leaf Tea, which you can order by the Pot (hot) for $48, or by the Glass (cold) $38. They also roast their coffee beans on the spot, so you know that every single gulp is fresh and made with extra care and passion!

What are you waiting for? If you’re on a mission to taste the best coffee there is, you better start now. There are so many coffee experts in the city, and you’ll have all the fun—whether you spend your time with friends and family, and even when you’re alone. Have happy coffee drinking spree in Hong Kong!

Do you know of any other coffee shops that make excellent brewed coffee? What’s your favorite coffee shop? Tell us all about it in the comments!