Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Veteran's Day Salute

I'm about as patriotic as you get. I love this country and I have the utmost respect for all those who have served, are serving and will serve to protect my freedom. I want to especially thank those in my family who were/are in the armed forces. I think of my Uncle Lester, who passed away not too long ago and who was part of the greatest generation, serving in Europe during WW II. I have several great uncles who served in WW I. My cousin, Carl Monroe, who at 89 still runs his own construction company here in NC served in WW II as a pilot. My three brothers put in varying time in the Air Force. My nephews Leon and Larry, my oldest borther's sons, have both served. Leon is a West Point grad and has served as a neurosurgeon for the Army ever since his graduation from med school. His wife Lisa is also a doctor and she continues to serve in the Army. My nephew Larry served 20 years as a Ranger. He saw a lot of action up close and personal including Grenada, Somolia and Iraq. His wife, Kerry, also serves in the Army. Leon and Lisa's children are in varying stages of what they term "learning to serve." Their oldest, Kristen, is a senior at UVA. She is there on an ROTC scholarship and I believe has chosen to serve her 4 years immediately after graduation. Her sister Aimee is also at UVA in the ROTC program. Their brother Geoff is in his first year at West Point. On my husband's side of the family, I thank my FIL Bill for serving during the Korean War, my BIL Marshall for serving 4 years in the army and my niece Chelsea, who is currently in the army.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude. Thank you. 
(I apologize if any of this info is inaccurate.)

Since a picture paints a thousand words, I'll share some with you:
Great Niece Kristen after Airborne School, 2009.

Nephew Larry circa 1980s (?)
(Third from left)

Brother Larry, Air Force, 1960s

Nephew Leon taking command of Fort Meade MEDDAC, July 2010

Nephew Leon (in yellow) congratulating son Geoff after march at West Point, '10

Great-Nephew Geoff, West Point 2010

Nephew Leon, West Point 1980

Kristen, on the left, Aimee 3rd from left,
UVA  ROTC 2010

Good friend Larry Small, USMC, disabled vet talking to my son Lee

niece Chelsea, on the left, 2010


America, Bless God.


  1. Nice photos and really fantastic tribute fir them. I am also want to salute those people.