Friday, November 5, 2010

It's the little things....

Last night my oldest son was wanting to see pictures of his Dad's souped up '68 GTO (which was sold after baby #3 so we could buy a minivan--oh, the tragedy...). Anyhow, I was looking for these photos and really had no idea where to start. After seaching for about 30 minutes, I grabbed a big crate I have that is the "junk drawer," if you will, of my photos. You know the box. It's the one where all the random photos/cards/papers get thrown. On top lay a bunch of scrapbooking pens and stickers. On a whim, I dug clear to the bottom and grabbed several photos. What I pulled out caused me to sit right down in the middle of the floor and cry tears of joy. It was a baby picture of me with my mom. To fully understand the significance of the moment, you have to go back further than my mom's funeral 3 weeks ago, which in and of itself might have produced tears, but not like this. You have to go back to this summer when the old homestead of 57 years went up in smoke. I honestly believed that my only baby pictures (and, I thought, the baby pictures of all my siblings) were in the house that night. I do not ever remember taking any photos of myself out of the house; I just assumed that after mom passed on to the other side that I would get them then. I had sat with her this summer and looked through the album she had of when I was a baby, and I saw this very picture. I didn't know there were two of them. The day of the funeral, my cousin did share some photos, and there was a baby picture of me with my brother, which really made my day, but not like this one did. Isn't God good? It's such a little thing. It's not like I'm going to die without it. I'd pretty much convinced myself that it didn't matter anyway and had moved on to other issues. And when I was least expecting it...there it was.

Thank you, Lord, for the little things!

(I've been trying unsuccessfully for an hour now to scan the photo so you can see it and I keep getting a "scan error" message...but I REFUSE to let this cause me to be ungrateful...HA!) Have a great weekend:)


  1. Oh Trish!!! This is so great!
    I almost missed this as you didn't link this to FB...but I'm glad I scanned through your "back" blog entries! Hallelujah for the little graces God provides! :-)
    Lori R.

  2. Thanks, Lori...yea, I was SOOOOOOO happy!! It's weird, Sometimes when I link to FB, it just won't work. Go figure. It used to bug me more, but I decided that was one thing in my life that I DON'T need to stress about:)!!