Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving traditions

It's been a gray day. Gray trees. Gray sky. Gray tea. Gray stomach. But I seem to be coming around. Still can't figure out if it was the refried beans and plantains that I had for lunch or if a stomach virus came to visit, but either way, I seem to be over the worst of it. I just went for a lovely walk to "blow the cobwebs out of my head" as my mother used to say. It is gray days like this that inspire me to write; I'm not exactly sure why that is...maybe the cool air drives us in to snuggle with tea and a book.

Yesterday I got two rebate checks back from items I sent in this summer! Ususally the checks come quicker than that. I don't keep a record unless it's a substantial rebate. Also got the ONE dog food sample. And I listed a book on ebay. I haven't sold anything for such a long time, so I'll consider this a test run.

Have you noticed all the stores that are starting their sales on Thanksgiving day instead of Black Friday?? That just annoys me a little bit. I understand where they are coming from, but it takes away from just being thankful for what we have and focuses instead on what we can get.

I love Thanksgiving. It has always been my favorite holiday. Because of the age differences in our family, I grew up pretty much an only child, and the holidays were special because everyone came home. Thanksgiving usually saw the men folk hunting in the morning while the women prepared all sorts of special food. We have been away since we were married, so we have come up with our own traditions. One of our favorites is a tablecloth that we write on every year (see the photo from a few years back). Since we are away from family, we usually invite other friends who are  "away" also, and whoever is present has to write something that they are thankful for. It is fun every year to look back at all the names and memories. When the kids were really little, we would visit a nursing home after we ate. So many of those folks are lonely, and loved holding our babies. I make the traditional meal: turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberries, pumpkin pie. And of course, we have the Macy's Day parade playing, even if no one is watching! What are your traditions?


  1. We have no traditions since both of our families have gone their own way...my husband and I are in our second marriage, my first husband died and my second husband was divorced. Both of us have children and grandchildren. We seem abit out of place wherever we go...in one way or another. But, strangely, we find there are many of us "misplaced" people all over the place. The common bond we find is in our faith and fellowship with each other over our bond in Christ. It is in that bond we find our family...
    Happy thanksgiving!

  2. go around the table & each one give a thanks