Friday, November 26, 2010

Ebates and Black Friday

If you shop at all online, you really need to have an ebates account. I was a little slow to warm up to this, but I don't know why, because it's a great deal. Basically, where ever you want to shop, go to ebates first and click on that store...then shop as you normally would. You get a percentage back into your ebates account evert time. And you automatically get a $5.00 bonus just to open the account. Most stores (hundreds) are on ebates: Walmart, Kmart, Barnes and Noble, even ebay and groupon!! So buy your good deals and get cash back in the form of a check every 3 months. Plus, right now if you refer 5 friends (yep, that's you!) you get $50.00. Refer 50 friends and get an iPad!! So, share the here:

I didn't even wake up this morning until 8am. I never sleep that late. Must have been God telling me that I really didn't need to go shopping at o'dark hundred. I've never been one of those crazy get in line at midnight people...if you are, I hope you weren't crushed or anything horrible like that. I went out one year at 5am because we had a Guatemalen student with us who really wanted to go. She had a blast. Abby and I couldn't for the life of us figure out why she was so happy.

Anywho...I did go shopping today. The funny thing is, for me Black Friday is more about getting things I need at a discount. I really raked in at Walgreens and CVS with lots of free-with-a-profit by using coupons. I think I need to slow down on the toothpaste and deoderant...or give a bunch away...or both. I also got a laser printer. 50 bucks. Couldn't resist. The starter toner is supposed to print 700 copies. I'll let you know if it's worth it.

I also picked up a pair of shoes for work on clearance at Sears. I'm so not an exciting shopper. It's a good thing the kids don't have a big list!

Tomorrow we'll buy our tree in the scratch and dent tree bin at Spillman's tree farm. You know the one: a missing branch or a crunched side. It's our tradition to find the best Chralie Brown tree. Then we come home and decorate the house.

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