Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sticky Thoughts

Yesterday I spent the morning in the parking lot of Grimsley High School in Greensboro, waiting while my Korean student took the SAT subject tests. I "redeemed the time" by writing thank you notes to those who gave money/flowers/etc in memory of my mom. It's gratifying to write thank you notes. It took me about 3 hours to write almost 50 of them, and I ended that time feeling very blessed, not only by those who gave, but also by my mom, who elicited such a warm response in others.  She would be most pleased to know that over $1000 was given in her honor to her little country church.

Later in the day, we went to a BBQ Chicken fundraiser for an area youth group and then to a Harlem Rockets basketball game which was also a fundraiser for a young boy who used to be a student at our school. He is batting cancer...but what a shining testimony...and he was sinking 3 pointers too! After the game, Mike and I went to Panera for a date night (I love their soup) and then rented Robin Hood (I also love Russell Crowe).  Just a gem of a day.

Today we had a wonderful church service. The speaker is with Campus Outreach, a ministry to college kids. He spoke about--of all things--dealing with the grief of death. After telling a little about his own life and the young folks he had known who have died seemingly "senseless" deaths, he stressed two points: God is sovereign and God is good. These were the two areas after the wreck in which God showed Himself so very real in our lives, and He continues to show me that on a daily basis. After the service, I was talking with a gentleman about this very subject. He held up his Bible and said, "But if we aren't living this during the good times, He will never seem sovereign and good to us in the bad."  (Thanks, Darcy).

And that is my sticky thought for you this weekend.  Are so close to God that when the tough times come, you will be able to unequivocally say, "God is Sovereign and God is good. All the time."

Let's have a great week...lots of deals coming up, read carefully.

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