Thursday, November 29, 2012

My $6.50 Haircut

Yesterday I bit the bullet and decided it was time to get a haircut HK style...I went to QB House, a mini-salon that promises haircuts in 10 minutes for $50 HKD ($6.50 US):

I was skeptical, but my hair is forgiving. I walked for about 10 minutes down to City One, the QB House is located right under the MTR beside exit C. I opened the door and an Asian man smiled at me. I said, "I need a haricut." (What else would I be there for, right?) He pointed to the Octopus card reader and said "only Octopus." I pulled out my Octo card, happy that I had just recently added money at the MTR station, and he scanned it and pointed to the chair. I love that I can use my octo card for so much in this city!

I held my thumb and finger about 3/4 of an inch apart and gestured "all over" with my hands.

"Yah, yah."

I watched the little screen in front of me that explained that all QB hairdressers are trained in Japan. And then showed funny you tube videos of the giant wave pool in China that had thousands of people in tubes.

My stylist did a fine job, finished in 9 minutes, and vacuumed me off. That was a new experience.

Obviously, I am not a hair diva who needs a head massage and expensive shampoo.
I am one happy camper:)