Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My 50 Dollar IKEA Patio

My husband has a green thumb, especially when it comes to all things flowering. We had gorgeous rose gardens in the states, at both houses that we sold.When we moved to Hong Kong, he mourned the loss. "What will I do on Saturdays if I can't tend my yard?" I've heard it often, nearly every Saturday, to be precise.  We've been here for a little over three months, and the question was often followed by a statement: "I need to buy some plants and patio furniture."
Now, the fact of the matter is, we only have this apartment for one year. It is located at the school, and next year we have to find our own. While this apartment has two lovely, large patios, the chances of that happening next year are slim to none. I saw no point in getting furniture. Still, he was undaunted. He wanted to sit on the patio and drink his coffee, he said.  I caved, and now I'm glad I did.
About two weeks ago, we headed to the local IKEA, where we picked up these two lovely wooden folding chairs, the table, and the plants (one from IKEA and one from the wet market) for right around US $50. It was a nice compromise, and even I have enjoyed sitting outside occasionally!
For you HK readers, IKEA had several options, and we did check out asiaexpat first. In the states, I'd recommend Craig's list or yard sales. I frequently saw patio furniture at both.
Here's to flowers and making our spouse happy:)!

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