Saturday, November 17, 2012

Meat Buying in Hong Kong

Since I haven't been quite brave enough to buy meat at the wet markets:
I've been blessed to find a few good alternatives. One of the first places we went here was a small store in Tai Wai called Texas Food Supplies, Ltd. (I know, could it MORE American??) It's only about a 7 minute walk from the MTR and the prices beat all the local grocers for good Western style meat. Most of the meats are from the US, Austrailia or New Zealand. They also have very good sole filets from Vietnam. Since finding shops can be a bit of a challenge, here is a visual for you. Take the MTR to Tai Wai. Go out exit A and turn right. Cross the street in front of you at the first place to cross (see pedestrian in this pic) and then walk across this overpass:
Cross this street and keep going straight here:

At the next street, Shing Hing, turn left:

The store will be just two down on your left. As you can see, it's not a very busy area:

Don't let this small display scare you! There is a lot more in the back. The man (owner?) speaks very good English. They have list you can look at and anything not on display they will get from the back. They are very willing to put items in smaller packs for you. They also have an assortment of spices and wines:
On my last trip I bought this small pack of bacon bits ($16HK, $2US) which I like to use for brocolli salad, cheddar brats ($35HK, $4.5US), nurumburger sausage ($28HK, $3.75US) and boneless skinless chicken breast, 2 kilos/4.4 pounds ($56HK, $7.50US--or $1.70 a pound US) The pack contains about 8 large chicken breasts.

Our school has something of a coop, so I buy meat there also. I have heard from other colleagues that their apartment complexes sometimes form coops also, so you might want to check into that.
Here is the link for Texas Foods. Look on the left side for the price list..all in English! They deliver for free for orders over HK$1000.
Happy Carnivores:)!!

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