Monday, October 29, 2012

20 Outfits, 20 Bucks: My Fabulous, Frugal, Fall Festival Fashion

Two Saturday's ago was a required school day here at ICS, but not in the traditional sense. It was a fundraiser day: half walk-a-thon and half fall festival. We truly had a great fall day! Here is look from the balcony of the school (yes, I stole your picture, Kathi):

And here's a video of our ICS seniors showing off their own gangdam style:

I was enjoying my day, eating junk food and watching all the action when I came upon an amazing sight: a "white elephant" sale, as they call them here. Several tables stacked with clothes. I was not only very surprised but also one happy camper! A local lady told me that buying used clothes here is a considered very gauche. She was surprised when I told her this is common practice in America and that even our movie stars are getting into "vintage," (a nicer name for used).  I asked her what people did with their used clothing and she told me they just throw it out. "Very wasteful," she said, "but this is the Hong Kong way." I'm thankful that at least a few folks didn't think so! I bought 10 new pieces,  modeled here, many of which are very mix & match, for a total of HK $150 (US $20). I estimate that by combining the different pieces in multiple ways, I have at least 20 "new" outfits. 20 outfits -- 20 bucks. Can't beat that deal!! Enjoy my new fall wardrobe fashion show, self-timer style:





  1. Good thing you are tiny like the Chinese women ;) and glad you found all those clothes for $20, very thrifty! Kelly

  2. Only you could find bargains in Hong Kong.

    Marie via facebook

  3. You're a hoot, love the photo shoot poses:-)

    Lori via facebook

  4. Nice.

    Kim via facebook

  5. Thanks all, I had fun doing this one:)

  6. Love it! Ila

    Via Email