Saturday, February 5, 2011

The homeless...the guilt... and 10 new freebies.

Today Abby and Lee and I went out with a group in our town who minister to the homeless. We met in the basement of a church and prepared about 150 hotdogs and hit the streets with Pastor Dan.  (This picture was not from our trip, but it could have been...we didn't bring a camera). It is raining here today and about 40 degrees-- and the police were out in the area, so we came upon several empty camps, but what a blessing; a blessing to expose my kids to their know, the "love your neighbor as yourself" neighbors. Dan has such a heart for the down and out...the folks that are invisible. We brought kerosene to some "abandoned" buildings that these folks live in, without elecrticity or water, and we prayed on the street corners with "the girls." It was, in the words of my 12 year old, "eye opening." Dan has church on Sunday with these folks, but it's not your traditional service. Just a bunch of folding tables in the church basement where they eat a meal together and share communion, prayer, fellowship and the Word. No Sunday clothes, no offering plate, no organ music...just a CD.

If you are old and cynical like me, you know these folks are there. You have a vague gnawing in your heart that you SHOULD do something, but it's just too hard to get up early on Saturday and give up your free time. I know. I live in the land of guilt. I work. I have seven people in my own house who have constant needs. I give money. And you know the worst part? Even when I actually do get involved, I feel guilty that I don't do it more often, or that I don't always have the greatest attitude.

But today was incredible. It was filled with glimpses of Gods' grace and love. I was reminded that we are all equal at the foot of the cross. That Christ's blood is just as much for them as it is for me and my middle class cronies.  I suspect we'll be working with Pastor Dan again...if I can drag myself out of my comfortable bed on Saturday, that is.

And since I haven't been blogging much lately here's a list of 10 new freebies just for you!

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Happy Day to you!

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