Sunday, January 2, 2011

How I saved money this weekend...

Back from vacation, the frig is empty and Aldi is closed. What to do?? Make a quick trip to the super WalMart of course, but I only bought enough to get me through until tomorrow. I had a great coupon for $3 off the Kashi Crunch (which came in a freebie pack, btw), so I only paid 28 cents. I don't typically like Kashi, but this was good! Also had coupons for 2 free bottles of Excedrin. There was a full bag of dog food in the mail (the new ONE, also a freebie I posted earlier) and my ever-so-thoughtful friend Gail brought us a meal Saturday night. I used Mickey D gift certificates for lunch today (a gift from my sis). Normally we avoid eating out on Sunday, but we had an unexpected last minute clarinet lesson and couldn't come home after church.

I also put away all the Christmas decor, made a double batch of muffins to use this week, and sewed new covers on our bed pillows.  The old ones were stained but the stuffing was good, so I cut the covering off and sewed on an old set of white cases. I went for a run (cheap exercise) Saturday, and Mike and I walked for 1.5 hours today. Noodle and veggie soup tonight. Watching a movie from the neighbor right entertainment!

Tomorrow...lets talk about New Year Resolutions....

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