Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fabulous Freebie for You!

Free sample of Nature Made Chewable Vitamin D: http://instoresnow.walmart.com/enhancedrendercontent_ektid94125.aspx

Free sample of Cell Anti Aging cream: http://www.biotivia.com/info/request-a-celle-sample

Coupon for free Enfamil soy formula http://www.enfamil.com/app/iwp/enfamil/certificate.do?dm=enf&id=/Consumer_Home3/Offers/ProSobeesample2&iwpst=B2C&ls=0&cm_mmc=display-_-Enfamil_Solutions-_-specificmedia-_-2011&csred=1&r=3471644652

This coming Sunday Jan 9, at 8 pm EST, 5000 Tide To Go pens will be given away on their Facebook page at 8pm EST, 7 pm CST, 6 pm MST, 5 pm PST

Free ream of paper at Office Depot...see how here: http://www.southernsavers.com/2011/01/free-ream-of-paper-at-office-depot/

And be on the lookout for lots of great after Christmas deals at your favorite stores. I often find items with special holiday packaging marked 75-90% off...and you can still use coupons. My fav example this week: big packs of Hersheys kisses and M&Ms at WAGS for 67 cents!

Happy Deal Shopping:)!

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  1. Nice links brother. I can be used it. Thanks for sharing those. I am really thankful to you.