Friday, December 3, 2010

Picaboo photo deal.

Missing my mom terribly today. I've been thinking about her last ever-so-weak-hug and wishing for one more. I know many of you out there understand completely, and if you don't now, you will someday. I am so blessed though, that I had her for so long and am thankful for the many lessons she taught me!

Many responses (and other great ideas) to my last blog about the "homeless packs." I just love that we can learn from and encourage each other.

This past weekend I cashed in on my $100.00 Picaboo groupon credit that I purchased for $35.00. I really love the Picaboo website. They do a great job with photo books. I will admit that the learning curve is a somewhat difficult and on first glance their prices may seem a little high, but there are many reasonably priced versions and there are always discount codes (just google "picaboo discount codes"), which can be combined with the groupon credit. I used a code for 40% off photo books (ended 11/30...I was still making the book at 10pm that night). I ended up getting six 8X11 large photobooks for $14.00 each with the 40% off code. After the $100.00 credit, I only paid $13.00 total, which included shipping. Right now the same $100 for $35 groupon is available. Click here: and then look under the city of Edmonton in Canada.  There is also a 30% off code on books and calenders: HOLIDAY30. This expires 12/30. The nicest thing about these photo books (I think) is the ability to put up to 30 + images on one page. With the listed price including 20 pages, that's up to 600 photos in one book, which breaks down to as little as 2 cents a print. It really is a great deal. There are lots of other sites also, including snapfish and shutterfly, but the picaboo groupon can't be beat!! Give it a whirl.

Also many thanks to all of you who have signed up at ebates. I am just really enamored with this site right now, partly because of the double cash back that many retailers are giving. No taxes, (usually) free shipping, no lines and cash back on all my purchases just can't be beat in my book. Today, for example, you get 8% back at Old Navy, Gap and Land's End, 35% back at and even 3% back on groupon. If you are going to shop online anyway, there is NO REASON not to sign up here first....and you automatically get 5 bucks just for joining! Click here:

Thinking about doing a post on homemade gifts and I'm looking for your very best suggestions...

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  1. Things I do every year: Baked anything -- cookies, bread, pies, casseroles, etc. Also, crocheted/knitted scarves, gloves or dish clothes.

    I have yet to do, but plan to do in the future: premixed dry ingredients for pancakes, cakes, scones or cookies. For instance, I'd premix the flour, baking powder and other stuff for the pancake mix and give it with dried bananas, chocolate chips or other goodies to put in the mix and maple syrup.

    I'd also include the instructions on how to mix and cook the dry ingredients with oils, eggs and other wet ingredients for the finished product.