Monday, December 13, 2010

A few good deals.

Here's a great coupon for Sears good on the 15th and 16th only: $10 off a $20 apparel purchase and it's good on sale and clearance items. Print the coupon here:

For those of you, like me, who are signing up friends on ebate, know that the fine print reads that while you can put your link on a blog or other website, you will not get the $10 bonus if your friend signs up on your facebook. You can link on fb, you just don't get the double bonus. (Some of you have asked...) Go figure. Also, friends have to spend at least $25 for you to get the sign up bonus. I read all this after I posted the link. Still a good deal for you and your friends, but it is confusing. I have had 16 of you good friends sign up, but only have credit for 6 (and for $5 each, not $10)...I'm assuming because I linked on facebook the first time I posted.  Many stores are still giving double cash back on purchases. My first bonus check will be over $40.00. Here is the referral link if you haven't jumped on board yet; you automatically get $5.00:

If you have a CVS, make sure you scan when you walk in the door. You should get a coupon for $2 off any Advil and it works on 4 sample pack. Free headache meds are good this time of year:).

Take all of your loose change to your local Coinstar coin machine (many are in front of Walmart).

If you have $40 or more in change you can choose to get your money back as an eCertificate (basically a gift card) to iTunes, Lowe’s, Borders, Regal Entertainment or Rixty. You will get a receipt with an eCertificate number on it to the merchant of your choice. Enter the promo code off your receipt will instruct you on how to redeem your bonus $10 eCertificate. That’s like $10 for free! There have been varying reports of success on this. I have never used the machines, but some folks love them.

Sign up here for possible free samples from Ponds. Again, varying reports. Not sure if they only send out a certain amount, but I'm sure you get coupons:

Well, I must run and finish my Christmas wrapping and cards. And here's a story that let's you know that I do mess up: On Black Friday I did a $90 + shop at Walgreens, most of it free or close to it with RR and coupons. When I took my RR (jingle cash) out to use this weekend, I discovered that they had all expired on the 9th! They were only good for 2 weeks. Ouch. I am taking the jingle cash and $80 worth of stuff back today. Should prove to be an adventure. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Merry Day to you!

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