Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Maine Harvest

I've been looking over the "freebie" blogs for the last few days, and apparently I didn't miss much in my week off. I did have a nice little stash in my mailbox when I came home: Wisk sample, coupons for free Cottonelle wipes and Advil, Hearos earplugs, Johnsonville sausage bites samples (6 packs!!), some kind of granola bar (long gone...a kid scarfed it) and a Garnier moisture rescue sample. Wow. Then again, I had mounds of laundry, no food and a stack of bills, but at least there was the positive freebie stuff:). Oh---and BIG ONE---we got word that we won the Chrysler contest!!! So many thanks to those who voted for us!!

Even though my trip to Maine was for difficult reasons, God allowed me to be there during peak leaf season...and fall harvest!  My brother Doug generously showed me where there was a good 15 pounds or so of Oyster mushrooms growing on a Sugar Maple right on my property. Sauteed in a little butter, these were by far the best mushrooms I've ever eaten! Thanks, Bro. (These babies sell for up to $15 a pound in specialty shops!)

Also picked about 35 pounds of apples. I don't know what type they are, but they are very crisp and tart and I have already made a good batch of applesauce. They were surprisingly non-wormy and yummy this year. The Yellow Transparents, on the other hand, were just nasty.

On to brother Jerry's garden, where I snagged just 2 of his many punkins, which are currently decorating my front step. When the time comes, I will roast the seeds and make some puree for pumpkin muffins.

And my Maine neighbor Belinda handed me a Butternut squash, which I gladly accepted. I baked it with a touch of butter and brown sugar and the kids just loved it; I was pleasantly surprised.

There is something very satisfying about preserving and preparing food from our good, green earth.  So much better than the double coupon for applesauce at Harris Teeter. Once again, God blessed me abundantly even in the midst of sorrow.

And here's one freebie to get you back on track--print a coupon for a free orange and cream frutista freeze at Taco Bell here:

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