Friday, October 29, 2010

Free book!!

Is it really only 7:26 PM? I thought it must be at least 10; for some reason I'm exhausted, but still feeling guilty about going to bed this early. Had the state CC meet today in Montreat, about a 2.5 hour drive one way. It was a beautiful day, but I must say, I'm glad the season is over. This was Abby's last HS race. She said it was bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter:).

You know those little google ads that pepper my blog and many others you see? When I began to blog every day, I decided I might as well let google do its thing. I entered all my info but then pretty much forgot about it. Come to find out, you really do get paid when people click on them! There was a $102 deposit in my bank account yesterday. (Apparently they only pay you when you get to $100.) Let's see, I started on January 26, so that's about $11 a month. If I didn't give out gift cards and prizes, I might make something! Anywho, it was a nice little surprise!! Thanks for visiting and clicking around my blog, frugal friends!!

With the economy/elections being all the talk right now, I've been hearing much about "social justice." I was digging around the WORLD magazine site when I found a link for a free book and DVD here: It's put out by the Heritage Foundation and when I saw Chuck Colson and Star Parker (among others) were both involved, I knew I wanted it. When I went to order it, I found that they have quite a few other free items also, but you do have to pay shipping. I paid $12 for 6 items--not bad. I know this doesn't flip everyone's switch, but I like to read about the economy and social issues. You can watch a one minute video about the book/DVD here:

Happy Friday!

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