Sunday, October 24, 2010

College Stuff

What a beauty of a day here in NC. So thankful for the cooler fall days. I love this time of year for many reasons, not the least of which is not having to use the AC OR the heat!! I spent much of yesterday helping Abby with college and scholarship applications, reading over her essays and trying to figure out just where to apply. One acceptance so far: Covenant College in Georgia. 6 more apps sent, 4 to go. It will be exciting to see how God leads her in the process.  For those of you in process, here are the sites I recommend for scholarship searches: and

On Cappex, you can plug in all your stats (grades, activites, interests, etc) and it will give you the likelihood of getting accepted at any given college. Abby has fairly high SAT/ACT scores, so she thought she'd play around a bit on the site. She changed the numbers to perfect scores on those two tests to see if her likelihood of getting into the Ivy Leagues would increase at all. Less than 5% change. (She's really not looking to go to an Ivy League, she's just curious). Then she left the grades alone and changed her ethnicity to Asian. No change.  Then she left the grades but changed her ethnicity to African American. HUGE change.  Her chances of acceptance increased dramatically. Wow. Any comments? Is this reverse racism, affirmative action or justice being served? Can't wrap my head around it. (And just FYI, she did change everything back to the correct answers...she's really not cheating to get in anywhere:)

Overall, I would say the process has been smooth, with only a few bumps along the way. Since she really has no idea where she wants to go, we are praying a lot and looking at where God brings in the resources. He always provides. Mike and I both took some time off after HS and worked. So many options. Anyone out there who has gone before us with some words of wisdom?

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  1. Just thinking about all those years when putting African American on an application (or not even being ABLE to fill out an application at all to certain colleges) would have made the chances of admission lower and not higher. Seems to me it maybe a balancing act.