Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tightwaddery and Crockpot granola

"Tightwaddery is not for everyone. I am keenly aware that most people really don't care about any of this stuff. Some are doing just fine, thank you." Amy D.

So begins Amy's second article. And boy, I am sure aware of that! On the other hand, you wouldn't be reading my blog if you didn't have SOME interest. Frugal living has come into vogue again as of late, what with the present ecomony and natural disasters (Katrina, Thailand and Haiti to name a few) giving us pause to reflect on what exactly is "enough," people from all ecomonic backgrounds are rethinking the commodities that really matter to them. The point of my little blog is to find a community of like-minded folks who can encourage each other and share ideas. Obviously, not all posts will apply to all readers. We are country, city, jobless, working, SAHM.... This will only be as successful as we all make it. Share your ideas! And remember, I'll be giving away monthly giftcards to my faithful followers.

Daily Bucks (how I saved today):
1. I made a double batch of homemade crockpot granola, very easy/cheap and so good for breakfast.
2. I planted 18 tomato seeds. (While we watch a rare 8 " snowfall must be therapy.) These are REALLY OLD seeds. Gurney Early Girls. I want to see if they'll even sprout.
3. I applied for 2 credit cards that give you $50.00 cash back after one purchase. I sign up for these deals and then cancel the card as soon as I get the bonus. $100.00 in "free" gas is how I see it. ( I know...I know...more later...)
4. I downloaded a free year of McAfee virus protection for being a "loyal online Bank of America customer. Saved $69.99. Sweet!
5. I watched my DH paint a new wood entertainment center that I picked up at a GOOB (going out of business) sale for $49.00. priceless.
6. I tucked away a school planner for next school year...the kind Mike brings home because they send samples to the school. I don't care that it has the wrong school name. My kids are creative at covering it up.

So much more to share...your ideas?


  1. You may want to rethink that credit card thing. Clark Howard (my frugal hero) says that it does not matter if you cancel a card or the bank does, it still shows up bad on your credit report. Also getting new credit even if you do not use it, hurts your debt to income ratio therefore making you a bad risk to creditors you may WANT to see you favorably later on down the road.

    We really enjoy yard sales of course, but there is another way to save money that many people think is just not cool. How far would you go for a deal? Would you dumpster dive? I started doing it years ago when I managed a storage facility and some apartments. You would be amazed at the stuff people throw out! I am not talking about stinky dirty trash. I am talking about dry dumpsters that never have nasty stuff in them. We have found furniture sitting out by the dumpsters, craft items, new stuff still in boxes, designer clothing with tags still on them and many many other treasures.

  2. You are right, Dawn. There are pitfalls, which I'll address later. I have been doing this for years and still have an excellent credit rating. And dumpster diving...oh yes, we'll go there!