Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweet Deals...

I'm off to Aldi (one of my friends commented that she doesn't shop at Aldi because the one time she went there, "it looked like a narcotics anonymous meeting had arrived.") What? I really don't care what the other shoppers look like. Besides, one day when I was in line, Abby's plastic surgeon (from an accident, in case you're wondering....)was in line in front of me buying bananas. He left and got in his BMW. Cool. Anyhow...pineapples for 99 cents this week, along with 4# bags of really good oranges for $1.49. I also bought the cutest $50.00 Christmas sweaters for gifts next year on sale at Sears for $7.99. (Don't tell the grammas....actually, it's OK, they know me....)

Dinners fru-gal this week: white chicken chili, baked mac and cheese, venison stew, chicken/taters/corn, and spaghetti with meat sauce. It think it goes without saying that these were homemade.

Your best deals this week? Favorite tightwad meals?


  1. everyone should love a good deal..i just wish we had more options available to us

  2. I know what you's tough up there in the sticks. Then again, you can hunt, fish and grow a big garden...things I really miss!! Save-a-lot in Brewer is very much like Aldi. I go there when I am in Maine.