Monday, January 25, 2010

A day in the life....

Maybe I just need to start, maybe that's the key. When I decided to blog, it seemed like a really good idea, but I didn't think that I should just write about any ol' thing. Since (one of) my passions is saving money, I thought it would be a good idea to write about that. One of my other passions is politics, but I don't take criticism too well and when you write about politics you have to have pretty thick skin....either that or only have like minded people reading your blog. Then my husband got a little torqued about how much time it was taking me to blog and suggested that I write during the day when he's not here....and when I don't have errands to run....or kids to cart....or work to go to.....and well, I just kinda let is slide.

But since the new year has started, I've made a commitment to crack down on the financial side of life. (My kids will groan if they see this, they already think I'm the most frugal mom in town.) So let me describe to you my last day of errand-running and you tell me if I'm too cheap:

1. I stop to buy a belt for the 12-year-old vacuum. $3.29. The lady always tries to get me to buy more than one: "Need to change that every year you know." I disagree. I've bought 3 in the life of the vaccum.
2. I get a haircut at Great Clips using a 7.99 coupon-- make it $11 with a tip. Since the Great Clips is right beside Harris Teeter, our friendly neighborhood yuppie-mart, I run in for the sole purpose of finding out if they have samples of my favorite bread. BINGO. Sweet snack. I buy nothing.
3. I stop at Aldi and pick up $35.00 worth of groceries. Milk is $2.10 a gallon, eggs 99 cents, and oranges 40 cents a pound. Beat that, Harris Teeter. I feeling celebratory, so I splurge on a 99 cent mocha iced coffee. I love Aldi!!
4. I stop at the library to pick up a couple books on saving money: The Ultimate Cheapskate by Jeff Yeager and Money, a Memoir by Liz Pearle. I've read them both before, but at my age I forget a lot and need to reinspired. I'll comment on the books later.
5. I come home and make 3 pizzas from scratch, remembering the time Abby had a sleepover and, on seeing me kneading pizza dough, one of her friends exclaimed, "You can MAKE dough?!? That always makes me laugh.

This is my life. Comments please.


  1. Tricia! Love your blog. I always love to read how other people save money. I do not think you are too cheep at all! :) John bought me a bread maker for Christmas and we are so excited to be making are dough from scratch. I have to admit though I wish I had tried it by hand a long time ago, hehehe! But, we have made our pizza's every friday now and the bread maker has paid for that~money saved, yeah! Keep up the great work in being frugal!

  2. Welcome back! Your frugality and written expression are gifts and very much worth sharing! Your blog is a great vehicle for folks to come together and learn how to live joyfully and efficiently!

  3. Paula, your post about peanut butter chocolate chip bread awhile back made my mouth water! Dave...thanks for the encouragement!!

  4. the you can make dough reminds me of when Ben was young and was learning about recycling in schoolwork and said mom we need to recycle..he quickly learned that we have been recycling long before there was