Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thankful and Thrifty? Free full size cat litter and dog food!

I'm currently revamping my blog (at least in my mind:) and am thinking of a name change. Perhaps Thankful and Thrifty, or Thankful and Frugal? Any thoughts? I really want to focus on being grateful and seeing God's hand in all of life, but I want to keep up on the frugal side of things also. Let me know what you think...

Here are a couple of great rebate links. The first is for a full size bag of Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat litter:

And the second is for a 4 pound bag of Ideal Balance Science Diet dog food:

I picked them both up at Petsmart tonight.

Today I used my Fantastic Sam's card to get a free haircut (don't worry, I tipped her well:)! It's one of those buy 9 cuts, get the 10th free. It's taken me about 2 years, but I finally did it!! Got some laundry out the line, ran a few errands, canned 7 quarts of tomatoes, pulled up all the old bean and cucumber vines (and am trying to figure out what I can plant for a fall crop), and took my daughter out to dinner with some friends. Quite a productive day.

I finally emailed the All You folks knowing that they had informed the top 3 in the grocery challenge last Friday. I found out that all of the top ten at least get name recognition and a tip in the November issue of All You...pretty cool, eh??  So, I'll keep you informed...but that brings me to another subject: contests!
As you all know, I do enter and have been very blessed to win some great prizes. The All You Challenge was by far the most time consuming, but it really was worth the effort. The bottom line is, you can't win if you don't enter! http://www.freebies4mom.com/ has a sweeps/contest link and this is where I find most of the ones I enter. I don't look/play every day, but when I have the time, I check it out. It's a fun way to get great prizes. Give it a whirl!

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  1. i like thankful and thrifty! hey, do you get "searched" more easily if you are "thrifty and thankful?" does that even matter? glad to find your blog! heard you might do a little lesson/night of some sort for church ladies? if so, i'll be there--