Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday's Frugal Five...and Freebies!

It's Friday! For most of us in the traditional working world, that's always a great feeling. 

Here are 5 frugal things I've done this week:

1. I downloaded 4 new free books on my kindle. One was through a new perk on my IHG Mastercard. Like everyone, I get what feels like a thousand emails a day. Often I am tempted to simply delete the "new information" emails from my many credit card companies. This reminded me that sometimes it's worth it to open them. As a new benefit, once a month, the IHG card lets you choose a free kindle download from hundreds of choices. Nice. Take some time to look at the "benefits" section of your credit card.

2. I took the first step into looking at a couple of new ways to create passive income--that is to say, income that occurs without going to a 9-5 job, and which, after you put in the initial work, doesn't require a lot of upkeep.

3. I contacted my boss about going to a nursing conference this spring. I can use the Pro-D funds that I am allotted annually to cover the costs for this, which will allow me to get needed continuing ed credits in my field...while visiting SINGAPORE. Win-Win. Do you know what benefits your company gives you? Do you actually use them?

4. I picked up a scarf from the free table this morning. This added to my current haul for the week: 2 shirts, a skirt and a pair of shorts. I have an unspoken rule at my house: with the exception of groceries/toiletries/gifts for others, I try to take something out of the house for everything I bring in. That means I sell items on our employee forum site (not too often) or I add to the free table. Helps keep the clutter down. 

5. I've been jogging two times so far this week. I consider this a cheap form of exercise. No costly gym membership. No special gear. Just put on a pair of running shoes and GO! Yesterday, it was quite dreary, dark and misty when I left at 6:30 am. When I came to the jungle-y stretch of road where I sometimes see wild monkeys, I felt like I was in planet of the apes. I came around a corner and they were the road, above me in the trees and climbing the mountain on both sides! There were probably 20 of them, including a little baby swinging from a tree branch with his mama. Even though I was a bit creeped out, I didn't slow down, and the monkeys largely ignored me. Reminders that "we're not in Kansas anymore!" 

And finally, I signed up for two freebies. Here's what you can get:

A free power bar

A coupon for a free organic balance protein shake (answer a 10 question survey).

Happy Friday! Comment and tell us what frugal things you did this week! Share your success with the rest of us so we can be inspired too!


  1. Not sure this is frugal but I did buy an online yard sale item that would have cost me $180 if I bought it new. I got it for $50. Thanks for sharing your frugality & the freebies!! Have a great weekend.

    1. Not sure how much more frugal you can get than that! Great deal!

  2. I would jog every day if I could see monkeys!

    A couple of little known services worth noting: If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime you get free unlimited photo storage, so Prime users should never never never invest in external memory devices; even better than that, with a free Google account you also get Google Photos, which allows you free unlimited storage but only if you allow it to keep the files below a certain size (not generally a problem).

    Google Photos even syncs with your phone, automatically backs up your photos, and then lets you remove them from your phone's storage but still be able to access them when you need them via the app. I almost wasted $100 on an external hard drive for my PC before I discovered these!

    1. Yes and yes! Both Google and Prime are excellent photo storage service. (I didn't know Google let you have access them if you removed them from your thanks for mentioning them)