Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Good Freebies!

What deals have you been getting lately?? Saturday, I went out on a date with my hubby (using a BOGOF coupon for Zaxbys) and we stopped at Office Depot because I had a coupon for $15 off a $75 purchase. I admit that this by itself isn't so great, but I combined a few deals. I had received an email from them explaining that they would give me a $5 gift certificate if I updated my email; I did so and printed off the certificate. They were also running a couple of specials: buy $59 of HP ink and get a free DVD AND 100% back in rewards on all Folgers coffee, which happens to be my fave. So, I purchased almost exactly $59 in ink for my printer, picked up a tub of Folgers and added a couple of Cadbury eggs to get my total to $75. I used the $15 off coupon, the $5 certificate, got a Julie and Julia DVD for free and will also get back $13 in rewards for the Folgers and $6 in rewards for the ink (they always give you 10% back on HP ink). That's about $35 out of pocket for $85 worth of product (counting the free DVD). Long story short? Never pay full price. I will need coffee and printer ink in the near future...now I don't have to worry about running out!

Here's a list of current (at least they were when I wrote the post) freebies for you. Enjoy!

Free sample of Olay 2 in 1 facial cloths: http://teenvogueitlist.com/olaysample

Free sample of a the new Tide Pods: https://www.tide.com/en-US/tidepods/get-a-sample.jspx

Free sample of Simple face wash for watching a short video:

Free sample of Miracle Whip: http://www.startsampling.com/sm/openmouth102227/captureAddress.iphtml?item=102227&source=ba-mysample&p=

Free sample of Crystal Light Energy drink:

Free sample of gud body lotion from Bert's Bees:

Free sample of Simply Right baby formula:

Free Metamucil sample: http://instoresnow.walmart.com/In-Stores-Now-free-samples.aspx

Free Gevalia coffee sample (this is available at Walmart now):

Free personalized card from cardstore.com:

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