Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On doing what you love (big changes in the family)

Our Holiday Drinks
I've literally been jumping up and down around the house quite a bit lately (try not to paint that picture too literally), but oh-my-goodness...big things happening here. By now, some of you have heard that my husband, Mike has decided to return to teaching next year. OK, you may be thinking, so what? Well, it's quite a big "what" at our house, as in, "What are we going to be doing next year?" Not too long after Mike told his boss of his desire to be in the classroom again, his predecessor called this same boss and said he was feeling the call to come back from Taiwan. So BAM, just like that, God closed the door to Mike's principal job. Isn't God amazing? No going back now, we have crossed the proverbial Rubicon. And I really couldn't happier, if not just a tad stressed. (OK, maybe sometimes more than a tad...)I'm just really proud of my husband for following his heart in this because I think he's a great teacher and he needs to be doing what he loves, even if it means a pretty significant pay cut.

Speaking of doing what you love: recently Mike heard a speaker who was talking about finding your passion: Look for areas where you produce the most fruit, get the most positive feedback, and feel the most fulfilled. Teaching. That's it for my husband. A confirmation of sorts. The fact that he has no job after June is just a minor glitch, seriously. I know that God will take care of everything. He's never let us down before. Where will we go? No idea. Life is such an adventure.

All this makes me wonder....about me. Fruit? Fulfillment? Feedback? My passion is getting a deal...and writing. I'm not super great at either, but that's not the point. That's where this blog becomes my outlet. So thanks for reading!

Why am I jumping around now that husband is jobless in July? It isn't about that. One reason was that I sliced my thumb open on the side of the kitchen sink and it motivated me to want to start on a kitchen remodel. Another reason was finding out that our story about our car wreck and subsequent annual visits back to the hospital is a *potential* winner in the Dave Ramsey Giving Challenge! Three winners get $5000.00 to give to their charity of choice. I love Dave...even before this...enter your story here and inspire others: http://www.daveramsey.com/specials/christmas/ictid/text2.hub.3way.c11/

Um let's see, what else? Starbucks is having their annual BOGO free drinks Nov 17-20, 2-5 pm: http://merry.starbucks.com/en-us/#/bogo/

Laurel Oaks Christian Church on Old Plank Road in High Point is giving away the remainder of their pumpkins. Just run by and get them!

I discovered a great new site: http://www.airbnb.com/ where you can list rooms/apartments/houses/futons for rent and/or find a room somewhere. And it's free to list, unlike most sites. Check it out!

I got a BIG FAT check from ebates (that's what they call them) for $40.00. If you don't have an ebates account yet, you really need to sign up. You get cash back just for shopping online and going through their site. Do it now before you start all your holiday shopping. From now until the end of the year, you can get an extra $150.00 just for getting 10 friends to sign up...so help me out, then get 10 of your friends to do the same! Merry Christmas! Use this link:

I haven't fixed my dryer yet (it's been over a month now) and when I saw how much less my electric bill was this month, I'm rethinking paying someone a minimum of $75 to show up and tell me how much more they are going to charge. Alright...I WILL fix it, but it's been a worthy experiment.

And we should get our van back this week! We've been a month without that also. Great month.

Thanks for voting for me in the cheap sally contest. Only 15 more days of voting. It's been a long 10 weeks and I appreciate your tenacity. Most of the other bloggers have thousands of followers...I don't. But you all are the best and I'm currently 8th in the nation, 1rst in NC! www.cheapsally.com/contest/tricia-cliff/  Thank you!

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