Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great new freebies and a van report

I love autumn, even though it means the end of lower energy bills. The leaves, the hearty soups, pumpkins's such a beautiful season and I rejoice in God's creativity. Aren't you glad that any one season doesn't last forever?

I finally have my computer back and it seems to be in working order now. However, our van is out of commission and I really liked that van! We hit a deer while we were in PA visiting our daughter (see picture...think her brothers were glad to see her?) and still aren't sure of the prognosis. The insurance company is trying to decide whether it should be totaled or fixed--a waiting game right now. So thankful that no one was hurt, even if we were 7 hours from home. Also thankful to have a great insurance company.
(funny, it's not as bad in the picture as I remember it that night)

I really like getting unexpected freebies in the mail. Yesterday I got a mailer from the new Sheetz store that opened in High Point. It has 7 coupons for free items, plus a card to get free coffee or fountain drinks for 30 days. Wow. Thanks Sheetz. I'll be visiting. I also received my totally free digital camera today, a Kodak Z5010 that I "purchased" using Max Rewards points from Office Max. It's regularly $229.00. I'll be giving reviews after I play with it for awhile:)

Here's a link for a free-after-rebate neti pot from Arm and Hammer:

One of the things that we do in our family to save money is home haircuts; I cut Mike's hair and he does the boys. I conservatively estimate that we have saved well over $3000.00 in our married years. I even offered to let Mike cut my hair, but so far he has refused and I have relied on coupons. Anywho...we purchased a Wahl home haircut kit with clippers and scissors for $20 at Walmart nearly 20 years ago and it's still going strong. Get the very same kit now for under 10's how: Go on youtube and find tons of how-to-cut-hair tutorials.

Get a free (facebook) sample of Nescafe Peppermint Mocha. MMMMMMM.:

Free sample of Dove leave in conditioner:

Free sample of Garnier Color Shield Shampoo and Conditioner ( and you may have to cut & paste the link):

If you live on at least an acre of land, you can get the magazine "Living the Country Life" completely free! Click here:

The Bring Home the Bacon contest it almost half over, and thanks too many of you, I have remained #1 in NC and about 15th in the nation. Starting on November 1rst, the competition will increase exponentially.The top five in each state will be vying for the #1 position, so don't stop the votes! I really appreciate it.

(New River Gorge. Longest Arch bridge in the Western Hemishere, and a great park in which to picnic:)

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  1. I also cut my own hair and the boy's hair, and my husband cuts his. I'm amazed at how much some people pay for haircuts!