Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sear's Outlet, Home Depot, Quiznos and more freebies

Lowes and Home Depot are both having some amazing weekend sales, including 50% of many annuals. If you are wanting to get your flower beds ready, now is the time (well, except for you Mainers who are getting more snow...)

Free sample of Wellness petfood:

Free sample of Eucerin skincare:

I've signed on to another "deal" site called offandaway. It's an auction type site that let's you buy bids for really high end hotels. I haven't bought any yet, but if you are looking to do something really special for an anniversary or something, this would be a cool way to get it. A few days ago, a California hotel went for $14.00!! Most aren't that cheap, but it's still worth looking into. Check it out here:

For my triad friends: I had the opportunity to check out the Sear's Outlet on Bridford Parkway (it's connected to the K-Mart right there on Wendover). If you are looking to purchase any appliances, I HIGHLY recommend that you check there first. They have many items that are either returns or new-in-the-box discontinued products for 50% off or more. I was VERY impressed with the selection. And it's next door to Ollies (think Big Lots), so you can check that out also. While I was in the area, I used a coupon: for a small Quiznos sub and cookie for $2.99. I had an old gift card (from our wreck 2.5 years ago!!) and I wasn't even sure if there was anything left on it. I checked, and ended up paying 13 cents for lunch. Nice day out:)

Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought my husband a new wedding band. White gold, just like the old one that is in the Atlantic somewhere....and it was on sale!!  Don't tell him...he's on a trip to DC and I think I'll ask him to marry me when he gets home:).

Soup diet update tomorrow....

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